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Killer Fridays was born in Byron Bay in 2016. The brainchild of Alikeen Killer, Australia’s bald burlesque babe, this LGBTIQA+ event goes off with a bang like a glitter filled party popper spraying the night with a fantastic sprinkle of awesome. Killer Fridays started out at Byron Bay Brewery and moved on to Brunswick Picture House where they had great success and a whole lot of fun. 


Killer Fridays is a Byron Shire spectacular celebrated by the LGBTIQA+ community and their friends. Featuring live music, suave Kings, fabulous Queens, cabaret, dance acts and local DJs.


A twist on the usual tastes of Queer inclusive events, Killer Fridays brings you Queer Speed Dating, an opportunity for all; coupled, single and all things in between to have fun and meet some great folk from right here in your neighbourhood. Alongside live music, Queer Cabaret and DJ’s, the night hosts a great sense of community with a wild side-plate of fun.  


A night to be remembered with great local talent and an all-round good feel, Killer Fridays is a chance to heat things up and really get to know your community. Whether you’re looking for friends, looking for love or just here for a good time, this night boasts a fantabulous get together for the queer community and their friends, along with a great night’s entertainment from the cream of the queer crop.


Information on the next Killer Fridays will be up shortly

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